Atamu Tuli

Islander Druid


Atamu is a bulk of a human. Some have even hinted that Orcs or Giants are in the blood line of the Twantans. Golden Brown and covered in tattoos of tribalistic nature. With long black hair and dark brown eye Atamu towers in at 6"4’, considered to his family a runt. Bulk Muscle covers his body with a little bit of a pudge around his mid section. Where most of this size are Fierce and intimidating, Atamu smiles and invites all to celebrate the social nature of themselves.

Upon closer look, his most dominate tattoo to date his the design he has on his back, when his arms are spread out you can see from his left a shoreline fading into a flowing artwork of water designs where his right begins with clouds rolling on top of each other towards the center of his back where a ferocious storm brew and the clash of water and air intertwine into a organized chaos of violence.

For the most part he is bare feet or sandals. while most of the time his upper body only adorned with his rope and hook weapon. A colorful Sarong of blues and grays adorns his mid section and lower half.


Living on the islands are is something Atamu and one could say the rest of the people of Malosi enjoy. Waking up the smell of the sea breeze the cool breeze on the skin as the warmth of the sun washes in a new day. Even when waking up to rain the mother always finds a way to bring refreshment with everything show bestows on us.
My name Atamu Tuli some would say I am large and tall for a human, some even whisper that the Malosi are half orc due to size, however it’s just we are on that end of the human spectrum. The day consists of waking up, and getting straight to work. There is always a task or a role one plays in this orchestra of life. For me, I help the village elders get moving, which is normally helping them wake and making our way to morning meal. The rest of the village helps prepare the morning meal for the most part. There are two parts of the day I enjoy the most, the evening when we celebrate the day and what we had done and the stories of those who came before us. Then the morning, when I can inquire further on those stories from the elders as I help them begin their day. The Village life is a good life, but there is more than just waking up, having fun, working hard and enjoying the company of friends and family. Don’t get me wrong, one could be content to have that for the rest of their life and many are, but for me I know there is more than just these islands.
Adventure awaits me, Papoi Asi one of our elders, perhaps the one who has influenced me the most was one such person of our tribe that took a Aulosi, or pilgrimage, outside of our home to go forth and gain new knowledge of the world and bring it back to share with us. I knew I would one day take my own Aulosi. I was not as big as my brothers and knew I would not be a Toa, warrior, of our tribe. However, I had a knack, a charm for making people smile. The reason I am tasked to help the Elders in the morning is I would tend to regal about the previous night’s stories with those whom I worked with, and we would end up sitting around the banana tree grove, or well those I was with would be sitting as I re-told a story or two, entrancing everyone including myself in the story. Those days, we might have eaten morning meal, or even afternoon meal a little later than normal. So, the Chief as quick in thought as he is in understanding, assigned me to the elders where I could learn and thrive on the skills of storytelling.
We have two ways we tell stories for two reasons, one to teach from our past, this is normally done at a gathering when we are eating or as we are ready for the day to end. Secondly to inspire energy, courage or ferocity in ourselves which is done through a song like storytelling called a Haka. Which brings me to what I do during the rest of my day between helping the elders, eating and listening to new stories. I help inspire people to work harder, to be more sure about their actions and to encourage peace and harmony between us. While I work which ever task is assigned to me that day, I help introduce songs and hakas to our tasks. Fishing is my favorite, the feel of the boat going frees as we secure an anchor, or the motion of the waves under my feet as I pull the nets. My life is good, my day is great, Taloi Ahlio.
Upon my 23rd summer I was tasked with my dream, I was to take on the Aulosi. I bid farewell and 3 of us set forth. Twan , named after our beloved turtle, Cotul, a friend from a neighboring island ,and myself headed what is about a 2 moon phases sailing towards the coast. Sleeping during the day and traveling with the stars to guide us. We all had our own Va’a but they were rigged together for most of the journey. We were each to go a different path roughly during the second full moon, or about a quarter of our journey left to go. Though with about 5 moon rises until that departure we were set upon by a wrath of one of the mother’s children and the storm caused us to have to split our riggings and sail for ourselves as the boats were not made to stay stable together. Lighting struck Twan’s boat a minute after we split the rigging. Cotul tied himself down and rescued him, the last I saw of those two was Cotul helping Twan gain footing on to his boat. I found landfall 2 days after the new moons crescent and made land fall. I ventured by myself for a while in the wilderness eating new flesh of new animals I have never seen before and surviving as we would on the island. Then I saw a monstrosity of a Va’a , however I was not in the water but in the sky. I followed it until it left my sight and continued in that path and direction. Every few days or a week another Va’a would go over head and I would follow. Until I found the city that housed the home of the Eigenvectors, where I would meet the beginnings of a very amazing journey.

College of the Arts. Rank: 8, Influence: 8. Perks: All performances earn 5% more.

Atamu Tuli

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