“I have an extra arm.” – Fiona
“It’s a strap-on!” – Deja

“who wants to be an actor?” – Marcax
hiding his utter glee, poorly “Me, me!” – Fenris

“If I could move and it wouldn’t ruin my make up, I would soooo kick you right now” – Fiona
“Worth it!” – Al

“Ass pats all around.” – Fenris
“I didn’t feel it.” – Atamu
“Challenge accepted.” – Fenris

“You know, things like gutting people and slitting throats for money.” – Fiona (from Grymus Priod)
“We just marry people for it.” – Deja (from Avanell)

“Your automaton is a bit … antiquated.” – Marcax
“Your mother is ANTIQUATED!” – 808

“You don’t know where that body has been.” – Atamu
“You don’t know where this hand has been.” – Fiona

“You look for the keyhole, I’ll try to massage his throat.” – Atamu

“What’s a Tuan Tuan?” – Fiona
“He was out turtle.” – Atamu
“So you ate him?!” – Fiona
“He was dead ….” – Atamu

crowd starts clapping
“Your hakas are very weak …” – Atamu

“How long were you in there?”
“You want the details?”
“Nah.” – Everyone
“Yeaaaaaahhhh.” – Fenris


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