Lady Steelheart a.k.a. Fiona Mulligan



Fiery red hair often pulled back into a cap of some shapeless form with goggles on top attempting to contain the curls. It is in vain as tendrils of hair are often escaping and curling themselves around her face. She is about 5’5" and has a very slight build. Her eyes appear mostly Hazel but will seem more brown, gray or green depending on the lighting. Freckles cross her nose and cheeks and tan is not a state she can attain. The smudges of oil and grease seem ever present and she sports a third arm composed entirely of clockwork. Her own design.


Bred, born and raised in the largest city in Grymas Priod, she loves all things mechanical. She comments often about her “Da” and is obviously from the lower class. Double entendres go way over her head as does the idea of drinking ‘fancy stuff’. She prefers her drink from a mug and frothy to boot. She holds her ale very well as it appears she has been dealing with the stuff from an young age, or great practice. Or perhaps both. She has mentioned being the black sheep of her family on more than one occasion and seems to have no interest in travelling back to see her family which by reference seems quite large. Like most gearheads, she gives slightly more than a passing nod to Axioma, the goddess of creating things. Her favorite fighting style is socking people in the jaw with an extremely large wrench she has to use two hands to swing. Apparently it is also good for helping take wheels off wagons and the like. She very much believes in things having more than one purpose. She is constantly taking apart, repairing and building things. She has a fair hand at taking apart locks but isn’t terribly interested in them, as they are mundane.

Her favorite saying when things go badly is “Do Over”

Mechanika University. Rank: 25, Influence: 12. Perks: All items related to technology are 15% cheaper to craft, Apprentice, Journeyman, Craftsman (Craft: Weapons), Efficiency I, Efficiency II.
College of the Arts. Rank: 7, Influence: 7. Perks: All performances earn 5% more, Rhymer.

Unger Aldensmith (boyfriend): 27, Fellowship
Marcax: 9, Friendship
Saviana Dzugi: 16, Fellowship
Reginald: 10, Fellowship


reginald.jpg Reginald the Old Engilish Game Cock
hen3.jpg Reggie’s Harem: Henrietta, GretcHen, Henny

Lady Steelheart a.k.a. Fiona Mulligan

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